Timeline of the World

The timeline of the as-yet-unnamed Shattered World, where I take the third option. Here we go:

A really really fucking long time ago: Asgoroth the World Shaper looked at Iktha-Lau the Ever-Empty with concern.

“Man, you’re always so down. What’s with that?” Iktha-Lau grew annoyed almost instantly.

“You try being upbeat when your domains are emptiness and nothingness! Do you know what the call me at the meetings behind my back? The Ever-Empty. They think I don’t know. but I always know. What does that even mean, anyway?” Asgoroth nodded. He leaned in closely, the flames pouring from his every pore vanishing into the nothingness in Iktha-Lau’s “form”.

“You know what I think would make you feel better? Making a planet.” Iktha-Lau groaned. “That’s what I thought you’d say. Fine. But I won’t enjoy it.”

This is a lie. Together, they rift through the pure elemental energy that roils through the Elemental Chaos, taking the pieces they need and slowly shaping the world. Eventually, the other elementals caught word of this, and as life gets boring in an existence where time has no meaning, the crafting of the planet became a communal effort.

A really really fucking long time ago (but not quite as long ago): The gods catch word of the elementals working on some newfangled projects.

“But I thought they were always making physical objects out of the formless essence that makes up our entire existence.” Ioun quipped.

“No, I know that. You never listen. If you would shut up for a second, I could tell you that this time is different. Usually, it’s just small objects, like meteors and floating oceans and whatnot. This time, it’s a whole planet. Picture a meteor, but a thousand times larger and with oceans on it, a molten core, tectonic plates and shit.” Lolth always knew what was going on. With everyone. All the time. It was unnerving, but it was all she had so the other gods never brought it up around her.

“wut” said Ioun

“wut” said Bane, listening in

“wut” said Old Man Jenkins, waking up in a sweat billions of years later as his brain taps into his latent psionic abilities, before triggering a heart attack seconds later, killing him and devastating his wife and twelve children.

Timeline of the World

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