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This is the Shattered World Wiki. Woooo for creative names.

As the main page, this is the directory page. Nothing of too much importance here, all the important things are below.

Here is the Timeline of the World, which is exactly what you’d expect.

Here is a Directory of Regions, where you can go and then click on a specific region to get info for said region.

There’s a page for What Makes this World Unique, where i’ll detail changes from the world everyone knows and loves.

Important NPCs deserves a page too, though this page will inevitably end up sorted by region as well.

The Map is going to be empty for a while, but this is here so that everyone knows there will, indeed, be a map of all this nonsense one day.

The Player-Characters deserve a page so that the seventh time Josh forgets he’s not playing Sereth and Seven insults Aleph for (insert vaguely illogical decision here), rather than bursting a blood vessel in my brain and collapsing then and there, I can simply direct him here.

The Party recently picked up some Books from an ancient library. Here is where you can go to read excerpts from them.

And here is the Dinner Tally, where I obsessively keep track of who buys dinner and when, so that I know who to spare and who to off when the chips are down.

Main Page

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